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Northwest Florida Patient Under Dialysis Faces Deportation

James Arumasalam came to the United States just under ten year ago, and has considered Florida to be his home. The opportunity for education is what brought Arumasalam to the states, and he was under the protection of his student visa. He shares that he was a very busy man and between work and classes he slept around 3 hours each day, which resulted in both of his kidneys failing. Arumasalam grew very ill and Sacred Heart hospital donated four weeks of dialysis treatment to him, though he states that unless he is able to receive a kidney transplant he will likely be dependent on dialysis for the remainder of his life.

Dialysis is a procedure that basically cleans out the blood in a person’s body, removing the waste and extra waters and then transfers it back into the body and is a crucial form of treatment for people with bad kidneys. It is not a simple check up with the doctor either, Arumasalam went into the hospital three times every week for four hours each session. The hospital also allowed him to be employed there as a medical technician in order to help cover the costs of his medical treatments. However, after two years of less sleep, work and classes, he realized that until he was able to heal his body classes would have to be put on hold.

Sadly, as a result of Arumasalam no longer being a student, the United States immigration authorities are claiming that he no longer is able to stay in the country, and will soon be deported. This is a lot of pressure because of his dependency on the treatments, if he moves back home to Mexico there is no possibility of him receiving the health care that his body needs to survive. He originally decided that he had to stop dialysis and basically accept that his life would soon end, that wasn’t until his local church stepped in and encouraged him to not give up.

Arumasalam decided to hire an immigration lawyer and is now fighting for his right to stay here in the country, and hopefully the court will rule in his favor; at least until he can receive a transplant. This man in no way has been an immigrant that could be viewed by his community as one who does not give back, he is known to be very involved with his local church called Grace Lutheran, and calls this place in the panhandle of the state his home. They are encouraging him in this very difficult time, because sometimes community is all you can rely on in trials.

Immigration laws are growing more and more strict by the day, and yet in the case of this man, his life depends on a dialysis treatment that he will likely not be able to receive when he is sent back home to Mexico. There are many individuals who are dependent on treatments here in the state, or various other things, and if sent back to their home country they will lose their opportunities. While many people have been given the opportunity to be here in the states with student visas, there are still many ways in which immigration can choose to deport you if you don’t abide by their specific guidelines.

Many people are in a similar situation, and if this is you contact Maney | Gordon for an Orlando immigration deportation defense attorney. We understand that you want to stay in this country, and we want to help you. Call us today for more information and a consultation to discuss your case!

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