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High School Valedictorian in Miami Faces Deportation

North Miami High School has already determined its senior class valedictorian to be D. Pelaez. Unfortunately, the honor of such an enviable title has been tainted for the graduating high school student whose main focus has been directed to a more pressing issue: her deportation. The 18-year old female was issued a deportation order requiring her to return to her native land in Columbia no later than March 28th of this year. The order calls for deportation of the female before she would even get to graduate, effectively revoking her right to a diploma and the top academic spot at her local high school.

Pelaez was brought to the United States at the young age of 4, and she has resided in the country without problems ever since. According to reports, Pelaez's entry into the country was done according to national law, legally entering the U.S. on a tourist visa. However, the visa has since expired and both Palaez and her sister are now here illegally. Weeks before graduating with top honors, the student is facing the trials and tribulations that have been experienced by many other immigrants residing in the U.S. She, along with her sister, are expected to be on their way to Columbia at the end of the month.

Community members and government officials alike have heralded around the student and widespread support has been expressed by many. Sadly, this story is not uncommon. In states throughout the country, immigrants whose visas have expired are facing the potential threat of being deported and there is very little that can seemingly be done about it. However, with the help of an Orlando immigration lawyer from Maney | Gordon this does not have to be the case. Our firm has been practicing immigration law since 1997, and we are prepared to help you with your legal status issues as well. When it comes to protecting the rights of those who stand to lose their entire livelihood under the threat of deportation there is no better action to take then obtaining legal representation for your case. Contact an Orlando immigration attorney from our firm today to learn more.

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