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Georgia Students Without Immigration Forms May be Banned from State Universities

On March 5, 2012, the Georgia senate approved a bill that could ban students without proper student visas or immigration forms form attending any public universities within the state's school system. The same will be true for students attending or applying to technical colleges in the state. The bill was proposed by those who firmly believe that illegal residents are taking up valuable spots in university classrooms that could be given to students with citizenship. If signed into the law, the bill, which has already been passed by the Senate will deny non-citizens the right to public education in the state of Georgia.

The state's top five schools have already enacted their own ban on student enrollment of illegal immigrants, and in other Georgia universities, undocumented students are required to pay more expensive fees that reflect the same prices as those expected of out-of-state students. As such, many of the state's university system officials argue that the immigrants are not abusing the state's taxpayer dollars. In fact, many of these same officials, along with other university employees and professors, attended the Senate House committee that was held in January regarding the matter. University employees outspokenly protested the bill, claiming that a student's immigration status is often out of their control, and therefore should not affect their ability to receive a higher education.

As it stands, the state is somewhat divided over the matter. Senate Democrats have issued statements suggesting their opposition to the new bill and expressing concern that by banning university enrollment officials will be limiting the amount of education that any immigrant could receive; this is a fact that would presumably led to a longer standing issue of immigrants being unable to contribute to the state's economy. However, others are more in line with Senator B. Loudermilk's views which express the belief that no such economical hardships among the immigrants will occur. As creator of the bill, Loudermilk has proposed that the best option for illegal immigrants in this situation would likely be to go overseas where they can make a life for themselves.

If the bill is legalized, it is approximated that 300 current Georgia university students will be affected. The issues posed to many immigrants within the U.S. are serious, as is evidenced by the most recent attempt at exclusion in Georgia. In states throughout the U.S., especially those closer to the nation's borders, citizenship and illegal immigration are serious issues that threaten the legal status of too many. As such, these are problems that should not be handled without the legal attention of an Orlando immigration lawyer from Maney | Gordon. For more than a decade we have been handling immigration issues concerninggreen cards, visas, asylum, and more. If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help you attend to the legality of your immigration status, do not hesitate to contact an Orlando immigration attorney from our firm today.

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