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Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

How can an immigration attorney help my case?

When an individual is dealing with an immigration-related matter, they often ask, 'Do I really need a lawyer, or can I just file the application on my own?' Unfortunately, recent statistics have shown that the odds are against any person filing an application or petition for any immigration legal matter. According to the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, data shows that 67% of all applications and petitions that are filed without legal counsel are DENIED. What accounts for this large failure rate? Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of the law, if not the most complex. Having a legal document approved takes so much more than filing out the document and returning it to the proper place. Even the court system has commented on the complexity of this area of the law, stating:

"The statutory scheme defining and delimiting the rights of aliens is exceedingly complex. Courts and commentators have stated that the Immigration and Nationality Act resembles 'King Mino's labyrinth in ancient Crete,' and is 'second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity.'" Chan v. Reno, 1997 U.S. Dist. Lexis 3016, *5 (S.D.N.Y. 1997).

As an experienced Orlando immigration law firm, we understand that getting your application approved will require an extensive understanding of the facts of your specific case to determine the appropriate legal action to take. Additionally, your attorney will need the experience in determining the potential liabilities, risks, and dangers associated with your actions. You, as an immigrant or an employer, will need an immigration attorney's help to navigate the case through the appropriate federal agencies. At our firm, we are able to review your case and determine the possible strategies to avoid delays, solve complex problems, and anticipate any legal obstacles. When working with an attorney from our firm, you benefit from our decades of experience, legal training, education, and relationships that we have with government officers. Before attempting to handle you immigration case without an attorney, remember that the odds are not on your side – but we will be.

Immigration Assistance in Orlando

Immigration laws encompass many different statutes, policies and procedures, in addition to involving various federal agencies. When applying for a visa, there are numerous forms and affidavits that will need to be completed that both increase the system's complexity and necessitate a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the immigration process. Avoiding mistakes and errors in the preparation of visa applications and related immigration documents is essential in order to prevent delays and denials. Immigration matters become even more involved when you consider that a person's background can impact their ability to acquire a visa, receive a green card, or be approved for citizenship. Immigration issues can also branch out into litigation and aggressive defense strategies when a foreign national living in this country commits a crime or violates immigration laws. Retaining the services of an experienced Orlando immigration attorney is critical when addressing any immigration situation. A knowledgeable lawyer can provide valuable legal counsel and ensure compliance with existing immigration legislation.

Orlando Immigration Attorney

For over 40 years Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. has been providing highly skilled immigration services to individuals and corporate clients. Our firm's seasoned attorneys use their extensive legal knowledge to help individuals reach their immigration goals. We are focused and unrelenting advocates that will fight through administrative obstacles and keep your immigration case on track. We can help prevent the loss of time and money that often occurs when an application is improperly completed, and ensure all of your documentation is filed on schedule. Every immigration case is unique and we tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, responsiveness and client dedication, and are here to assist you in any way we can.

Contact an Orlando immigration lawyer for informed legal counsel and trusted representation if you are seeking help with an immigration issue.

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