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Frequently Asked Questions

Orlando Immigration Attorney

Do I really need an immigration lawyer?

Although you have the option of addressing immigration matters on your own, this all too often results in denied applications and the thwarting of your goals. The knowledge and experience with which an Orlando immigration lawyer is working allows for a much more direct and strategic approach. A full understanding of immigration law is necessary to find creative solutions and resolve these complex issues, making legal representation invaluable.

Is it possible for me to avoid deportation?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may well be possible for you to avoid deportation when this threat arises. The most important point to keep in mind in this case is that the sooner you seek legal advice, the more opportunity there is for your legal counsel to assist. If you wish to protect your right to remain in the United States and your future life in this country, don't wait to call an immigration attorney.

Can my non-citizen fiancée enter the United States in order for us to marry?

A fiancée visa exists to allow non-citizens to enter the U.S. for the purposes of marriage and to continue to live and work here. Certain requirements must be met regarding the visa as well as the timing of the marriage, following which the alien may apply for an adjustment of status. An immigration lawyer can assist with this entire process.

What are my options and responsibilities as an employer of non-citizens?

Employers may hire non-U.S. citizens but if the individual to be hired does not already have employment authorization, steps must be taking in order to obtain this. At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A.​, we provide legal services for employers and can build a compelling case for Immigration to support the goals of your business. We can also advice as to employment eligibility verification and how to protect your business into the future.

Contact an Orlando immigration lawyer for answers to all your immigration questions.

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